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Asking Wegmans Permission

Thank you for contacting Wegmans asking for permission to use one of our products in your film, which you will be submitting to a number of film festivals throughout the country.

I forwarded your request to our Legal department for review and per Steve VanArsdale, General Counsel, Wegmans Food Markets, “Per this e-mail Wegmans is giving you permission to use one of our products in your film, which was based upon your description of your film.”

Thank you for contacting us and giving us the opportunity to respond to your request.

We value you as a customer and we hope that you will continue to shop at Wegmans.

Festival Update

Sorry for the delay in updates. I took a few days off.

Due to the packed festival schedule, we are definitely putting things into high gear. Along with creating the performances for the project, we must get the word out for the project. In order to do this, I have decided to submit one film, that will be used in performances, to a late 2009 festival. The film that we are submitting will be shown in a silent film format due to the short amount of time that we have to submit.This does not mean that we are leaving behind our Live Cinema roots, we are still working on the big project that House of Live Cinema set out to produce.

The film that we have decided to submit has had great reviews in a recent screening. It is an experimental that takes a look at the notion of growth and rebirth in times of crisis.

Preparing for 9 Submissions

House of Live Cinema is looking to to a preparetory festival run.

We are looking to submit to nine film festivals for the 2010 festival season. Submission deadlines range from September 2009 to May 2010. This is not a guarentee that we will be invited to perform in every festival, we are just looking to submit to nine in order to get the word out.

The festivals we will be submitting to are:

Boston Underground Film Festival

Syracuse International Film Festival

Atlanta Underground Film Festival

Buffalo Film Festival

Chicago Underground Film Festival

Portland Underground Film Festival

Minneapolis Underground Film Festival

San Antonio Underground Film Festival

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

Ready to kick it into high gear? We really need your help in any way possible now. Check out the ADS FOR HELP page.

Remember that the easiest way to help is by posting a link, , or simply helping to get people knowledgable about the project.

Project Eyes Festival

The House of Live Cinema announces it’s submission to the Syracuse International Film Festival.

It is true that this call is being made during the early stages of the project, but we need something to look forward to and keep us on gear.

Which Medium?

As most know by now, this type of film production falls under the experimental category.

So, in order to add edginess to the film, I will be adding some cameraless animation to the film. This involves scratching words or objects onto multiple frames, as well as adding a medium to the emulsion of the film.

Since the poll application of this blog provider is not currently working, we shall do this the old fashion way.

Which mediums should I concentrate on adding to the film?

1. stamps/stamp ink

2. acryllic craft paint

3. wax/crayon

4. glass stain


All four mediums have been tested by me on developed empty frame, and all let enough light through.

Three and Counting

Three films!

The project now has three, may I repeat, THREE films to work with now.