Films Considered

Hello world! It’s Seth.

Just to put a quick, well, first update.

Currently the project has 2 films. One of them is processed and only has to be spliced. The other is currently being processed and will go through a rigorous splicing process. Both of these films will have to undergo a script-writing process.

There is another film that is being considered, that is not by myself, but would add much character to the project. This great addition to the project would, first, need permission from the creator, then it would undergo a splicing and script-writing process.

So much to do in this project, and I am currently the only one working on it! Check out my ADS FOR HELP page, .

I could also use everyone’s help with your WORD OF MOUTH. Help me to promote this new project, that is still in it’s young stages, so that it gets noticed.

Once again, I am currently putting together a program for the project and would appreciate some help once eptember or October rolls around so that we can get these shows on the road!


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