First Apology

Sorry to say, I must make my first apology.

To all of the film directors and critics who dabble in live cinema:
I agree full heartedly that this project will not be the first to dabble in live sound film screenings. I do believe, however, that this project will be the first to intertwine all aspects of live sound into a performance. House of Live Cinema will have live soundtrack, live band music, and live dialogue performed over-top of a silent film.

Sorry for the misunderstanding,
Seth Black


2 responses to “First Apology

  1. sounds like live cinema is really just the same thing as going to the theatre…no?

  2. The best way to answer your question is yes and no. It would be like going to the theatre in the sense that all of the sound will be produced live. However, the focus in the performances will always be 100% on the film.

    Live Cinema is a way of manipulating a film into many meanings.

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