Ode to Live Cinema as a Whole

As mentioned in the “First Apology”, live cinema was not created by me. Live cinema performances have been happening sporatically throughout the world of underground cinema and film. So as an ode to other live cinema performers, I took it upon myelf to reearch the art of live cinema.

Nowhere did I find such an elightening article about it, other than at  http://naute.wordpress.com/2009/03/16/live-cinema-narrative/ .

The piece on that page is an eye opening video of one of the first Live Cinema productions, Kaamos.

As I continue to research, I keep getting more and more ideas for our project. Not only will our project showcase the new-age of underground film, but it will also be the first to embrace dialogue as a part of performance. Also, if plans go well, it will be the first project to bring live cinema to cities outside of the fetival realm.


One response to “Ode to Live Cinema as a Whole

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