Update and Director’s Bio

Hello world!

As of right now, the project is at a standtill until I get my hands on  my second film and get the keys to the flatbed room. But, as of now the project stand exactly where it was 24 hours ago, 1 film done, one on its way, more films to be created and cript to be written.

I have a feeling  nopw, however, that I must keep this site udated nearly everyday to get the support I need for the project. Everyone should check out the ADS FOR HELP page. The more help I have the easier it will be to complete the project.

Since there i a lack of stuff to update now (as there will probably be until Tuesday), I will educate you all about myself.

My name is Seth Black, but like to go by Seth Tyler Black. I am currently a college sophomore at the University at Buffalo, majoring in psychology and minoring in media studies. Most people don’t understand the connection between the two, but I do. Ask me to explain it and you have a 2 hour conversation on your hands.

I used to write for the York Daily Record, a newspaper in south-central Pennsylvania. I wrote on a variety of topics, but focused the majority of the time to the poetry section. I was often called the ‘poetry kid’ in the newspaper room where me and fellow teen journalists assembled. I was often praised for my poems that didn’t mind exploring the ‘sensitive, surreal and imaginative’ side of the human naturel. It is in that room that I not only nourished my passion for the creative arts, but also picked up my reputation of being the ‘modern hippy’ with no inhibitions when it came to discussing or writing about unocietal, or taboo, subjects.

My journalism career came to an  end once my college one started. With my newspaper days, somewhat, behind me, I focused my creative energy towards writing more poetry and trying to find an agent. In that time, I also started a screenplay called “Predisposition”. It wasn’t until a film class that I realized I could put all of my creative passions into one project, and that project is House of Live Cinema. With the help and support of friends and others, I wish this project to be a great success.


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