Preparing for 9 Submissions

House of Live Cinema is looking to to a preparetory festival run.

We are looking to submit to nine film festivals for the 2010 festival season. Submission deadlines range from September 2009 to May 2010. This is not a guarentee that we will be invited to perform in every festival, we are just looking to submit to nine in order to get the word out.

The festivals we will be submitting to are:

Boston Underground Film Festival

Syracuse International Film Festival

Atlanta Underground Film Festival

Buffalo Film Festival

Chicago Underground Film Festival

Portland Underground Film Festival

Minneapolis Underground Film Festival

San Antonio Underground Film Festival

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

Ready to kick it into high gear? We really need your help in any way possible now. Check out the ADS FOR HELP page.

Remember that the easiest way to help is by posting a link, , or simply helping to get people knowledgable about the project.


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